Jersey Girls don’t Pump Gas But . . .

The ultimate bliss.

This post is  a result of a conversation with a friend  from Michigan  who remarked that I was lucky not to have to fill gas. Lucky yes but being a driver in Jersey is not so easy or ‘lucky’.

New Jersey and Oregon are the only two states that give  full service at gas stations. By full service I mean sitting and waiting for an attendant to come to your car and  fill up gas, not cleaning up your windshields, no small talk and no offer to check your tires. But no complaints! We Jersey girls don’t have to get out of our cars in hail, snow, heatwaves, pajamas or mismatched socks.

All you non-Jerseyans  who are jealous of our languorous state while  gas is being pumped, let me make you feel better.  With the luxury of someone else filling gas comes the hard task of comprehending numerous accents of the gas attendants. New Jersey has a diverse population, hence many ways of asking, “how much?”  For all we know the attendant might be saying something like “wow wow” but Jersey days are so busy that we don’t care. We look up from painting our nails and tell him the dollar amount.

Then comes even harder task of beating the traffic.  We have the highest density of car ownership in the country and we have our famed Turnpike where we do a lot besides driving at 100 mph. We tailgate. We tailgate till you move to the middle or the right lane and then somebody tailgates us, almost instantly. We go over speed bumps and potholes with style and are experts in driving in a circular fashion thanks to the numerous jug handles that our state has. We pay TOLL . . . every few miles and OMG ! we drive . . . a lot. Average commute to work in our state is about 30 minutes. Added to that is the time it takes to drive from one point to another as construction, Canadian geese, deer and Snooki-like drivers act as speed breakers.

Driving can be very stressful in Jersey but sitting in your warm car in heavy snow while someone else is pumping gas for you – Gratifying.

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