Times Square – A Discourse in Itself

If you like to travel, chances are you have already visited Times Square or it is on your wish list.  A place that thrills both the tourists and the locals alike, Times Square can make you  loose yourself in its rhythm.  With its millions of visitors every year, Times Square boasts of giving everybody a different memory.  Memories of  movies being shot there, of sexy sirens on life sized neon billboards, of seeing Elvis and Lady Gaga impersonators,of roasted chestnuts and street hawkers, of its street performers, of the mad rush to buy half prized Broadway tickets, of being surrounded by thousands of people and yet feeling lost, of innumerable clicks of cameras everyday by awestruck tourists and of  giving directions to those tourists.

Originally called the Longacre Square, it became known as Times square in 1904. It has been called ‘The Crossroads of the World’ and ‘The Great White Way’ and attracts the most foot traffic in the world. Mesmerized tourists from almost every country in the  world can be found exclaiming their elation in as many languages at  the cacophony of sights, sounds and smells.

From the entertainment industry to movie makers, from corporate headquarters to special events, from Occupy Wall Street Movement to the New Year’s Ball Drop, Times Square houses it all.  Wonder what New York City would be like without this place. It surely is a place that is a discourse in itself.


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