Reflections on what went by

Let’s look back at the past year to figure out what was unique about it. Let us go down memory lane and retrieve our own personal highlights. Somebody bought a new home, another got married, yet another got a coveted degree or whatever maybe the case, we all have our own last year’s big things.  ‘A‘ broke a bone or succumbed to a ‘temptation’ that happened to be his neighbor and the broken bone was the result. Or ‘B‘  analysed life’s problems or  somebody’s backside . Or took to politics and then analysed backsides constantly.  But these are only important to the friends and family of A and B. Let us talk about those ‘firsts’ of 2011 that many of us around the globe can relate to.  An honest guy who happens to be in politics (don’t mind the oxymoron) has an extramarital affair and honestly declares his mistress as his soul-mate. A commonplace act in his profession but an extraordinary declaration. Or a marriage that  made people get up in the wee hours of morning and be glued to the TV. Yes, the marriage that our President wasn’t invited to. Or the 72 day tomfoolery of Miss Curvy’s marriage that still kept some fans glued to the TV.

In 2011, the whole nation saluted the chivalry of the airline pilot,  “Sully”, who safely landed all his passengers and crew  to an emergency  water landing in NYC’s frigid Hudson River. The world came together to help Japan which was badly hit by an earthquake and a tsunami. The world also became bereft of a visionary and a creative genius this past year whose products grace millions of palms and laps everywhere. A legendary entertainer also died suddenly at his house under his doctor’s supervision.

Last year saw the rise and subsequent decline of Occupy Wall Street Movement making the parks available once more for tourists. Oxford Dictionary also knows how to follow movements. It added the popular words, OMG and LOL to its list.   It also added the word ‘cougar’ (possibly inspired by Demi Moore) which means a middle-aged woman seeking a romantic relationship with a younger man.

New movements, a few disasters, some triumphs, 2011 was a year just like many others but for some, it was a year that was etched in their memory for ever.

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