Out of the million or so words with the suffix -ism, BOGOISM (proudly coined by me; my search on the word did not get any web results), is probably the most popular one to hit the human psyche.  What is BOGOISM?  In the marketing industry, BOGO is regarded as the most effective marketing technique where you buy one thing and get one free or at a discounted price.

We all have been hit by this universal shopper-uplifting phenomena and don’t we just love getting one free. Usually though it is a juice box free with a juice box,  hardly a big-ticket item like a pair of shoes free when you buy another. So here comes the absolutism of marketing activism:  BOGO 50%.  You buy a sweater and get one half off.  Your sale oriented mind gives the signal to your eye which is sufficiently trained to read the tantalizing four letter word and you pick up that sweater whether you need it or not and then one more for your sister who will give it one look and will gladly pass it on to her mother-in-law.   You basically paid full price for something to get the other thing at a discounted rate. We are getting everything BOGO these days.  Get your top teeth whitened, get bottom bogo 50% or get the left side of your hair blow dried and pay half for the right side. Just kidding.  Commercialism  hasn’t gone that far yet. But encourage another friend to read this article and your next article will be BOGO 50%.(Shhh!! don’t tell, it is always free).

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