Do you have an app for that?

The other day my son told me to download Artsonia App so I can see his artwork. “Apps are so cool.” My son wisely declared.

Yes they are, I thought. Especially the ones that lets you match your rash or your cough with assessments and potential treatments or the Remind You app that of course remind you to do things.(Only if you remember to download it in the first place). Do we appchieve  anything without apps?
Do any of you remember the time when we had no smart phones and thus no apps to download.  You don’t? Then it must be long ago.

What do  Applications do for us? Apps  are designed to help the user perform specific tasks.  The variety of tasks it seems has multiplied in the last few months or years.  You like tweeting, download a Twitter app; want to post vacation pictures before you vacation is over, download a Facebook App.  Applications  run our lives now.  Music apps, graphic apps, 211me’s, the digital business cards app etc. The word ‘App’ is being used more frequently in a day by an average person than the number of times the Kim Kardashian is photographed in a day or  the Dow Jones go up and down or down and down.

Go ahead then, download, download. Everybody, everywhere. . .  do your share.  Just  don’t sign into Loopt personal mapping app if you are doing some Vegas style hanky-panky.

I wish there were applications for the quintessential question, ”are we there yet?’  Every time you hear that question the app should automatically launch itself and zap those back seat monsters into being quiet or somehow divert their attention maybe to a look outside the window app.

I am also looking for somebody to develop an app. to control tantrums and I need both the kids and the adult version. One of the features of that app. should be an intra-language translator. There are folks at home who need English to English translations.

To the list of I want apps is the application for customizing my looks. One day, I can look like myself and the other day maybe like Angelina Jolie or whoever I prefer to be that day. I guess the app for making people look at you would be then built into it anyways.

There should also be an app for parallel parking in one shot, an app for controlling frizzy hair, an app for making your guy or gal gravitate toward you. There is no end to what apps can do for us. This is just the beginning. Wait till you start using apps to . . . .

Here I will let my readers use their imagination and finish the sentence with whatever personalized app that they would want.

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