Do politics shape your writing?

How much does politics influence your writing? Do you write poems or essays about atrocious laws or bad government policies? A poem about school budget cuts attacking or supporting NJ governor Christie,  or satire on foreclosures or a tragedy born out of recession?

There are articles about abortion rights, Medicare, social security, lack of funding etc. All non-fictional articles but poems or prose dedicated to any one of these topics, I haven’t read them. If anybody has, please forward them to me.

The other day I was reading Ebenezer Elliott’s  Corn Law Rhymes to oppose the English government taxing bread and making it more expensive for the poor people. I read  poems written on the ill effects of industrialization and capitalism and that set me thinking. Has anybody written poems about the computerization of today’s generation? A poem celebrating the success or not of the Republican Tea Party or a tragedy on a politician’s failing policies?

Is it because we don’t need a poem to reach the hearts of masses any more? Information in our age is at our disposal moments after anything occurs. We have all media at our disposal that helps us make our decisions.  Media provided information shapes our affinities. Then why write  something fictional about it!

Could it also be that our lives are so hurried that we don’t have the time to sit and ponder over poems written on the current events because media has already given us so much information about it? What ever maybe the cause, I would love to read a quartet written on  any of the issues plaguing our country today.

Maybe for a start I can attempt to write one. Poets out there, ignore the meter.

The school  said, no extra workbooks, the state reduced our funding

But we can ask our PTO to pay for Nooks, that way we can keep on functioning.

I think, the state of the State is the same as me, both have no money just time (thanks to all the job cuts)

So stop expecting from the PTO who will expect it of mine.

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