Eavesdropping could lead to headaches

What a nasty thing this eavesdropping is! Extremely ill- mannered. But what do you do when you are standing in line behind a person talking on a cell phone. You have your packages ready to be given to the post office clerk. You have  nobody to talk to on your cell. You don’t want to gaze at your chipped nails without any polish on them and you have read the post office rates and the genius ‘if it fits, it ships’ jingle a million times during the past million visits. So even when you don’t want to, you end up hearing the one-sided conversation and of course your brain tries to decipher what the other side must be saying. This type of eavesdropping is also very annoying as your brain tries to work harder to figure out what the other side is saying.

Lady in her active wear with her Dior glasses and coach bag –  “You are so naughty. Oh!  You are. Still thinking about the squash. Aren’t you?”

“I can help the next customer in line.”  The  clerk with the pasty hair called out.

“My turn honey, I will call you back in a bit.”

“Just want to mail this and here is my change of address card. I am moving.”

“Mam, you also have two pieces of mail.

“If that is from the Mortgage company it is for  Keith, I don’t want it. I divorced him.Maybe we can send it to him. Umm! I don’t know where he lives. Just return it to sender.”

“Will his mail find me when I move?”

“No, his mail will just go to where you are living now.”

“Good I don’t want him to know where I live.”

“Ya, darling I am back. So you were saying, it was good last evening.”
I must say I did not have to try too hard to guess that she was talking to her boyfriend. If  any of you think otherwise, let me know.  Not only did I try to guess what the other guy could be saying/ cooing to her, but I also assumed how and under what circumstances the lady and her ex would have divorced each other. She must have been very big-mouthed from the beginning. He must have done something horribly wrong for her to hate him so much.  She does sound very fickle minded and so on and so forth.
My mind also started working on her behalf how she will make sure that he does not find her now
Ah! The Human mind. I worked myself so much for more than an hour that day, thinking  about how she copes with her new loneliness to him being lonely without her to her having fun so quickly. Why? Why was I thinking about it so much  when it had nothing to do with me. Why was I developing a headache. I guess I was paying a price for eavesdropping.

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