Can feelings be bubble-wrapped?

The last Monday in the month of January is celebrated as ‘Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day’.

As I read this super holiday idea, a thought crosses my mind. Can our feelings be protected by a bubble wrap so we don’t get hurt by others?

Wouldn’t that be great?

We could go about our lives inside our protective shields. No remarks could break the tough dome, no meanness could graze its skin, no scoffing could drill holes into the softness of feelings, and no amount of taunting could shake the placid surface.  Wonder how it would be to live like that! But then I also wonder how I’d show my insecurities, love, and frustrations.

There is no egress without ingress!

I also wonder if bubble wrapping (symbolically, of course), could mean I am a runaway.

What if I learn the art of equanimity? Of not responding to the negative fluff that falls on my shoulders or break into a smile at a jibe thrown my way?

It is tough! But then equanimity is an acquired art!

2 thoughts on “Can feelings be bubble-wrapped?

  1. LittleStar

    Hi, Prachi,

    Like your metaphor of bubble wrap – gives visibility – still protected?

    Warm regards,

    LittleStar (Women Who Write)

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