Race to Nowhere

Do I ever slow down and reflect
upon what I did, and what I believed in.
Or ponder over the results of my actions?
My chaotic life never allows it.
I am busy, going through the motions of life.

But I wasn’t always like this, I had time to stop.
I watched the sun set and the first star appear in the sky
I threw a pebble and waited till the ripples settled down

Then one day when I was watching the rose buds open,
a mob drifted by. Like a robust wind
it enveloped me in its chaotic embrace.
Its movements were enthused by a pulsating beat,
inspiring me to move.
So here I am, flowing like the mob, moving fast toward something
not knowing the turns that I am taking, not savoring the sweetness of the journey,
just moving ahead.

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