The one you lost while writing papers or when stuck in traffic,

 when running for meetings or meeting deadlines.

The one you wrote away paying taxes or

the one you silently traded for more assets.

The one that was squashed by that mob mentality or 

flattened under the weight of your wants.

The one that got demoted into wry smirks when you were devalued or

the one that became cakey to keep up appearances.

The one that was sliced by your teen’s scathing remark or 

the one that disappeared with a disappointing result. 

The one that barely took shape even when

you heard a gurgling stream or

watched a child blowing bubbles or

spotted a red robin or

stepped on the crispness of autumn leaves.

Bring your lovely smile back. 

The smile that beautifully lines your eyes with gratitude and

fills them with oceans of tenderness

The smile that gives hope to the dying and

energizes the living. 

The smile that sparkles with innocence and

the smile that sparks friendships.

The smile that heals an ailing heart and

the smile that warms a cold hearth.

Bring back that forgotten smile. 

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