Liebster Award – Thank You for nominating me.

Awards inspire!   I received!   I rejoice!

Thank you ‘Ghumakkad’ ( nominating me for the ‘Liebster Blog Award’. I graciously accept it.

Liebster as I found out on the web, is a German word meaning ‘dearest’ and the award is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers, though when I further researched it, it also said, less than 3000 followers. Whatever the number may be, I am thankful to Ghummakkad, who loves to travel around India and loves to take awesome pictures. I like the shadows in his pictures.

As the receiver of the Liebster award, I will answer the questions asked by Ghummakkad here:

1. How obsessed are you with your blog stats?

Not too much, but I love to see the bar high.

2.Most hostile traveling experience?

When  I sat in the aircraft waiting to take off for 3 hours with no air conditioning, no water in Mumbai’s icky heat.

3.Train, plane, Bus, Car?

Train – I love the rumbling when it goes in a tunnel or over a bridge.

4.Your top 5 destinations in the bucket list?

Kashmir, Swiss Alps, Alaska, Hawaii, Bali

5. Have you ever stormed out of your boss’s office after giving him a piece of your mind?

Yes! I told him that he  was partial to somebody else too.

6. Nikon or Canon? Why?

Great Pictures – Nikon:  Great comfort -Canon(you can hold Canon in your hand or put it in your handbag).

In keeping with the tradition, I will nominate a couple blogs for the Liebster Award. Here they are: – Every Monday morning, I get my share of laughs – for the entire week. – A nice intersection of Arts and Science.

Now for the customary questions :

1)  You time travel to the Eighteenth Century Europe with an ipod touch – State a few reactions.

2)  Getting there or journey? Please be candid.

3) When did you first realize you should write?

4) What do you hate the most?

7 thoughts on “Liebster Award – Thank You for nominating me.

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