Casanova wants to be friends with you on Facebook – posthumously


    Ya!  Really!

No this isn’t on my wish list.

I recently started thinking if I could create Facebook pages of famous or  notoriously famous people from centuries ago, how would that read. But I didn’t want  to (or couldn’t ) plagiarize the Facebook format, so I just chose to write in plain text about an extremely notorious and an interesting character from three hundred years ago.

Giacomo Casanova  was born in Italy in 1725 and because of his amazing ability to woo women, his name is synonymous with “womanizer” even after three hundred years. What a legacy to leave!  Just like all the interesting modern-day celebrities of Casanovian league, he has also written a biography. Hint! Hint!

In his letters he wrote, “Despite an excellent moral foundation, . . . , I was all my life the victim of my senses; I have delighted in going astray and I have constantly lived in error, with no other consolation than that of knowing I have erred. … My follies are the follies of youth.” He had over 120 adventures with women and girls and used the  ‘assurance caps’ to prevent impregnating his lovers. Just like I did, you can look up these special kinds of caps too.

With a law degree, knowledge of medicine, oodles of wit, good looks and an uncanny ability to seduce his mentors and patrons’ women, he quickly started being thrown out of his well-wishers’ houses and cities. But he had the charm to bounce back and continue seducing. Since Venice was the pleasure capital of Europe, grounds for this greatest philanderer in history were laid in the circumstances and the age he was in. He worked as an abbe’ in the church, a professional gambler, a military man, a con man and a violinist but the only thing he stuck to were females.

Maybe next time, I will research Dante Rossetti who was a poet, sculptor, philosopher and a painter. Ever wonder how some people can so many vocations?

credits : Wikipedia


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