Spelling mistakes, acronym-ation – are these habit forming?

All of us have a lot of emails and texts to type; work related, school and activities related and family and friends related too. Most often than not we do not have the time to change the incorrect spellings when we see the red mark unless of course if they are work related.

In today’s times when we communicate more with expert strokes of the keyboard or expert touches of our fingertips on our touch-tone phones, are we compromising accuracy for speed?  If  my friend makes a spelling mistake in her email to me, I would ignore it thinking he or she might be rushing through it. But if the red marks in her emails or texts  keep distracting me, I would probably skip reading after maybe twenty times (since she is a friend)and would actually pick up the phone and start calling her often. Better to talk than be subjected to reading  pathetic spellings.  Seriously, how much do spelling mistakes affect your readers?  . . . A hole lote!

Spell tech technology is  a boon to all of us but if you have disabled the annoying spell check on your i phones (which by the way, changes  almost everything that is meaningful in your sentence, hence disabled by many),then you inevitably end up with mistakes if  you are not careful . And since texting is a form of communication where speed takes precedence, mistakes happen. We want to get done with passing the message, spelled correctly or not.

Then there is the problem of making every word short. “R U coming?Anything 4 u.”  Aren’t the original words already short? Some of us have developed a habit of using these painfully short word. Hope we don’t forget the real words in the process.

And what happens when you choose a correctly spelled word but has a different meaning than you intended it to be like hole versus whole above.  Your word processor will not show you a red line for that. Are we so hard-pressed for time that we are tossing out accuracy for speed?  We might be refined, well-mannered, but until we are face to face with a person, our written words speak for us. Any mistake in that reflects that we pay little attention to detail.

Spelling mistakes and unnecessary acronym-ation of words should not be habit-forming. After all we shouldn’t be giving a distorted English language to our next generation.

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