Rejection – not the final word

I heard somewhere that ‘Help’ author Kathryn Strockett  was rejected 60 times before a publisher was ready to work with her. Sixty times!!! This book has become quite a phenomenon. Everywhere you go, ‘The Help’ is either on a coffee table or being held in a hand. What if the author had given up? There are so many instances of rejection in history that it seems that editors make mistakes all the time. Just like us.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s (later Sorceror’s) Stone was rejected by almost a dozen publishers

William Golding’s   Lord of the Flies was rejected by 20 publishers.  Dr. Seuss’s first book was turned down about 27 times and none of us now can get his catchy rhymes  out of our heads.

Rejection only should make us try harder. Whether our work is really good or awful, either way the only outcome of rejection should be revision and re-submission.

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