Do you have it in you?

Satisfaction, contentment and relaxed life are only for a time. Wants, needs and power have no end. And the demon of desires controls our hearts.

We dream on two levels. All of us have those lofty desires that have chances of getting fulfilled only if we are ready to sweat to fill up a whole river or our stars are aligned properly.You know, things like becoming so famous so as to spend a weekend in Bora Bora with George Clooney or walking the red carpet with Penelope Cruz…….And the Oscar goes to…..Or honeymooning like Kate and Will on a private island while being the topic of discussion at tea parties the world over. If we tried, we could at least land a date with Mila Kunis if we also made a you tube video like that Marine. But most of us are just happy dreaming about these difficult-to-attain-dreams.

Then we come down to level two in our dream/desire hierarchy. We divert our energies more to the everyday life and its challenges and the more ‘attainable’ desires which we term as ‘goals’.

We all have aspirations. We work toward them. We climb, we slip, we fall, we try again to fulfill our desires. Desires of success, of power, of a person, of a thing. Everyday desires that get fulfilled and new ones crop up in their place. Again we strive to achieve them or think about how to.

Do we have it in us to do something different from what we have ever done? Something that might not make us more successful in our careers but give us personal satisfaction. Something that we have always wanted to achieve like scaling Mt. Everest or going deep down the Pacific. Like sauntering around the pool showing off our newly achieved size 2 figure in an itsy-bitsy bikini or our the men their six packs.
For me, it has always been these doable goals that I set for myself. Like I really want to understand a game of lacrosse or figure out how to solve a calculus problem. I want to, but I still have to make that extra effort that would enrich my knowledge.

There are so many of us who would want to run a marathon, but soon spiral down in our want-ladder to aim for half-marathon and then simply blame it on our weak knees after a few years have passed between the time the idea crossed our mind and the time that our palm graces our knees every conscious minute.
Then there are some of us who spend hours brooding over how to aim an apt rebuttal at our mother-in-laws. A befitting reply wrapped in oodles of honey at the exact moment when it has the best effect and when her son is not around just like she does.

The thing is, we all have it in us. We should just do or work toward what we want to from the moment something inspires us.(not really the mother-in-law part) You want to understand your teenage daughter’s cool lingo, learn it; you want to write like Steig Larsson, start by lifting a pen. Have a list of goals…….. then set out. Have good hair, enter politics, bungee jump, do it all.Time is passing you by.

Hmm!Bungee jump! I could do it under anesthesia. I can later see myself in the video.

For now I am aspiring to lounge by Lake Placid, read a book and ring the buzzer for a Sangria ………..let me top every desire………sangria bought by hubby dear who would actually look at me lovingly for doing nothing. Ahhhh …………..did I ask for too much?

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