Higher purpose

“Fire is whispering a secret in smoke’s ear,”This aloe wood loves me because I help it live out its purpose.” Rumi

Some people have a higher purpose in life than merely earning and paying bills, raising kids and sending them to college.

It is said that some special people get their calling. Like millionaires who leave their luxurious lifestyles to go to places like Haiti and provide relief. Like some people who adopt kids from poorer nations just to give them a better upbringing. Or someone who risk their own life to save others. We have countless examples of such above normal people. Some become famous, some are celebrities and get more fame by doing good deeds. Then there are others who live amongst us our friends, our colleagues who are doing something out of the ordinary yet prefer not to flaunt their niceties. Maybe they are giving a substantial part of their incomes to charity or sponsoring a child’s education or a coach giving one of his kidneys to his student. What drives these altruistic people? Do they inherit kindness? Would they inculcate the same selflessness in their kids? Who knows! All I know is that in spite of all the greed, crime and hatred in the world, there are those chosen few who are performing duties not expected of them. Kudos to them.

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