Writing prompt – Wood,Fire, Ash

I wonder if wasn’t so interested in writing, what would have been my passion? Horse Riding? dancing? Acting? Reading?
Sitting by a window or walking on a sandy beach? Watching a movie or waiting for a rocket launch? Whatever I would have felt strongly about, it would definitely be connected to APPRECIATION.

Some time ago somebody in women who write started a writing exercise. To participate one had to write a poem each day for a month and submit to the coordinator. I am not into writing poetry as such but the writing prompts made me meet the poet inside me. Here is an excerpt from the poem that I wrote which had to have all the three words viz, wood,fire and ash.

The smell of Eucalyptus trees seeped through my nostrils
as I drove through the sharp bends leading toward the cottage.
that magnificent wood structure was strong.
I had spent many a lazy afternoons after school basking in the sun. Rays straining to reach me through the thick foliage encompassing the cottage.

The breathtaking view around me
was hiding the ugliness that I was
about to witness.
This was a regular morning when I received the call
and three hours later, here I am, approaching the Manor
to witness the ruins of the burned down building
robbing me of my childhood memories
and turning the recollections of my youth
to ashes.

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