A Well-Dressed Woman

Woman – you have it within you – wit and wisdom, compassion and confidence, sharpness of mind and eloquence of the tongue, the ability to turn with the tide and the wherewithal to turn the tide  … you have it all … you are amazing … now it’s time to own it! 

A Well-Dressed Woman! 

The only brocade was her confidence,

The only lace was her wit.

When she set out to face the challenge,

The only sequence was her grit. 

Held in place by her corset, were her doubts;

She cinched them with silken sureness.

In her cummerbund nestled hesitation;

She fastened it with buttons of conviction.

With critics tucked in her back pockets;

Her supporters proudly displayed on her lapels;

Her hat tipped only towards her values;

She moved – crushing the biases with her shoes. 

Her vigor crimson,

Her dignity finespun,

Decked up so, she, with her inner fineries, 

regaled everyone. 

She, a well-dressed woman

then set out to weave more fabric for her next home run. 

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