Infidel: From Somalia to Amsterdam

‘Infidel’ by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. This true story is about Hirsi Ali’s physical journey from Somalia to Amsterdam to the United States.  Emotionally, she engages the readers to experience the dust, poverty, clannish rules,  political upheaval of Somalia, and her movement from one country to another. Readers heave a sigh of relief when she runs away from her marriage and instead, chooses to be a Dutch refugee eventually becoming a Dutch citizen. Her religious beliefs as a Muslim to questioning her faith to denouncing her religion, have been discoursed well by the author. There are countless videos of Ayaan Hirsi Ali on YouTube where she advocates keeping your faith and also keeping in touch with reason.

Ayaan is an apostate. She blatantly disparages Islamic tenets in her book. The brass to oppose her religion, to fall off it, and to constantly reinvent herself in a foreign country makes her who she is: a woman who not only survives, she thrives!

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