Here are 11 Feminist Moments in 2015 We Must Celebrate

Feminism only calls for gender equality in the social, political, and cultural aspects of society! That is it – nothing more!

Some want to talk ill about feminism but we promise, it really is less controversial than it seems. All it does is call for equality of gender in the social, cultural, economic, and political order of a society.

And we can’t lie, 2015 shaped up to be a pretty good year for us, feminists (and this includes feminist men!). From not having a proud legacy of gender equality to the unfettered spirit of feminism spreading across the entire South Asian diaspora, this is just the badass attitude we need before ringing in the new year.

So, we compiled a list to show exactly how badass feminists got this year. Read and share!

Read on!!!!

The post originally appeared on Brown Girl Magazine. Pic courtesy of Brown Girl Magazine.

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