Writing in Sequence


Many writers who write long pieces either write in sequential order or write random parts and bring them together. Their writing may resemble either a mechanical march forward or  a more circuitous path leading sometime back to the beginning. A narrow alley sometime may lead their work to the end. They then come back and work on the middle.


Those who defy this sequence give reign to their untrammeled thought process. Their writing is impulsive, brash and unedited – just flowing, not knowing the direction or the destination. The mood of the woods prevail and the woods have always smelled different. A tad bit fresher. Haven’t they?


On the other hand, the calculated and sequential mode generates fluency and perfection. Not to say that the brash and wild mode does not beget perfection. But there is a carved way that the sequential writer uses and by walking on it, he or she follows the path that has been traveled previously – the known territory. That writer has a calculated and tunneled approach and a distinct vision of the end. That kind of writing follows a set course, not deviating and thereby not tangled in the wild beauty of the woods.


Usually as we grow older as a writer, we tend to follow a formula and a logic whereas younger writers don’t. Their writing is not marred by rules.  Even their serious writing may have a dragon who eats corn and farts popcorn and they have the ability to make their readers believe it.  It is usually this breath of fresh air that achieves more readers’ attention than the kind of writing more mature writers pen down.





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