Interesting connotations of ‘Interesting’


“How do I look in this new outfit?” A not too close friend asked the other day. Truth be told or truth be withheld? I had so many answers to her question. Hideous! Abominable! Shocking! Totally ridiculous!

I looked at her and said, “Interesting!”

What a wonderful word! I felt good. I did not insult her nor did I lie.

Interesting can have both positive and negative connotations. I used it positively to handle a could-have-been negative situation which could have had a horrible consequence – my broken jaw.

 We hear of an interesting artwork which depicts something fancy like a pail and a mop. Or an interesting movie that no one understands but bags all the awards under some weird but interesting category.

So what is so interesting about the word ‘interesting’?

 It is an all-encompassing word. The fix-it-all word when all adjectives leave you. Use it to genuinely praise something, or genuinely escape a situation where you are unable to lie.

Usage – When you are faced with uncertainty, confusion, dislike and you are unable to express your true opinions.

1) Friend’s spiky hair cut – Interesting!

2) Botox gone wrong – Interesting!

3) Your boss’ new tie – Interesting!

4) Friend’s new boyfriend – Interesting!

 It is the diplomat of all words.

I know all my intelligent readers will have great adjectives to comment about this post but the word . . . you know it!

3 thoughts on “Interesting connotations of ‘Interesting’

  1. And of course, like with anything, we also have to take into account the tone that goes with it. Someone once commented on some artwork in my house and used the word interesting. The word was fine, it was the tone that made it insulting! 🙂

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