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After I was shocked and moved and upset and angry over the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, I thought of the lovely little angels. Just a few days before the holidays, they were taken away from their families.

They must have already kept their Christmas list under the tree so Santa can fulfill their wishes.

Who knows, a few of them did not want to go to school that day because of stomach ache or a runny nose and they still had to go. I know I do that to my kids sometime. Make them go if they have had a late night or they woke up a shoulder pain .Sometimes I am so upset with them in the morning for not waking up on time or fussing about clothes or sometime as silly as one of them dropping milk

After the tragedy, I have hugged my children and wept many times.

I am thankful to God that my kids are safe but my heart weeps for the innocent victims and their families. My 8 years old daughter commented on the ages of the kids,”they were only 6-7, they haven’t done much in their lives”. True!, what have they seen in life or rather what have they done in their lives to go through this horror. I only have pain, anger and  a strong hope that anybody out there who has a family member behaving abnormally, please keep the authorities informed and of course, do not keep guns at home.

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