Contentment- A rare feeling?

There are a lot of us who are aggravated, annoyed, angry most of the times. There is always a heaviness in our heart and a complain on our lips.So few of us feel the calmness of the mind. How would total bliss feel? I decided to write about that sought after Utopian feeling. This is my version of being contended.

Long shoots of green with red, orange, yellow and purple buds. Rows and rows of tulips. A gentle breeze blowing on my face while I walk through them under a mild sun and a pale blue sky. My lavender colored long dress and shiny tresses flow freely against the wind.The day starts with an orange sun and remains clear and mild all day. As I walk, I greet people with smiles who have bright faces and contented looks like you have when your day has gone exactly as you had hoped for. I pass a group napping on a picnic blanket with calm faces. I unfold my lounging chair and the ‘Elegance of a Hedgehog’ and wait for somebody to get me a fresh lemonade.

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