Continuity is the key to success

I am a mom who loves to write with clear priorities as to what comes first in my life. Of course my kids and my writing takes a back seat. But I do find a lot of inspiration in their innocence. I do let them loose once in a while or loosen up myself, forget the spills and messes and put my BUTT IN CHAIR and write.

I do not always have a set topic on which to write. I just sit and type and thoughts and words keep forming in my brain and make my fingers type away the corresponding words.

I mostly write adult short stories. I have lived in three different continents for a substantial number of years in each one for me to absorb their culture and habits. I use that multicultural experience to enrich my stories, where most of the characters are either from different races or have interaction with people from different hemispheres.

I am a member of Women Who Write, Inc. for a number of years and also have a keen interest in writing children’s picture book stories.

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