The Write Sail!

It’s all about the words … let’s use them wisely.

The caravan of words sets sails to discover the world! Along the way, they hobnob with some uptight, a few crooked, several morally upstanding, and many obtuse attributes. They learn contemplation, the art of letting go, and they hang on tenaciously to that which could make them somewhat sensible and presentable, maybe even prudent at times.

They describe the rococo palaces of the middle ages and divulge their dark secrets. They help pen revolutions and cause systemic changes in society. They bring about religious and social tsunamis when strung in a special order and uttered by influential people. They jump with euphoria over little victories and cry with nostalgia reminiscing honeyed memories.

From the high and mighty parapets of unfettered power, they create walls that divide and devise plots that stir up the unconscionable. They use mass communication to instigate, incite and unleash invectives. Hegemonic tendencies, effronteries, acerbic poison: they ooze out all!

They also drip onto the pages as paeans and celebrate the triumph of good over evil.

Together, they lend form to people’s fears, anxieties, joyful expressions, prejudices, perspectives, cries, screams, and even their silences.

They continue to explore new territories, break barriers, mete out retributions, undergo mutations, exceed expectations, and spin a fantastic web to entice, endear, and engage their readers.

They pour out like liquid gold from the mouths of the unadulterated. They become highly spirited in the robust voices of the soldiers, and prideful in the cheers of the spectators.

They adopt a cadence when spoken by a poet, become a fiery gush coming from a rapper, drip of a tender mush when spoken by a mother, and have a balming effect when a sage utters them.

Words: They help with the unleashing of the magical, demonic, loving, disgusting, motivating, berating, and a slew of other commendable or disgusting acts.

However, it is in the babble of children, that they become purely ebullient. Shaped by simple and untainted minds, words come out in their rawest, most pure form. WORDS get vividly expressed through children’s shining eyes and their need to “say” mitigates .